The PASS Book Readers Virtual Chapter is a book club focused on SQL Server or related data technology.


  • SQL, Business Intelligence, and Data Consultant. He's been a SQL Server MVP since 2010. He has 17 years of experience writing software and working with SQL Server. He's the principal SQL course author and instructor for DevelopMentor. His twitter handle is@ike_ellis. Find more information at

  • C# MVP since 2008. He's always on the cutting edge of software development, writing for the new web, mobile, and enterprise solutions. His code has been featured all over the Internet, on numerous pod casts and user groups. You can find him on twitter as @foovanadil.

  • Bona fide Alpha Nerd, SQL Server DBA by day and code slinger by night. He is the SQL Dude for Tekpub, open source contributor to .NET Micro ORMS, speaker and can occasionally be found on This Developers Life. In his free time, he frequents various user groups in Oklahoma City or pretty much anywhere that has pizza.

  • An Azure MVP since 2011. Scott’s career in software began in 1993 at IBM. Along the way, he has developed enterprise solutions for both Microsoft and Cardinal Health. Scott is a generalist, his interests ranging from data access technologies and multithreading to communications and UI technologies. Scott holds a BS in Computer Science and math from Virginia Tech.